Walk Away a Star

Here are some ways to ensure you maximize your conference experience:

Connect the value of the conference to your business goals. You will be faced with almost 200 educational sessions related to numerous areas of focus. Spend time leading up to the conference reviewing your organization's strategic and immediate goals, concerns with the current technologies you are using and technology your organization might not be utilizing to its maximum capacity. Once the conference sessions are published in May, match the sessions to your goals. And remember that sessions are audio recorded, so you may want to decide which ones make the most sense to attend in person and which you can afford to listen to afterward.

Define your expectations. Make a list of questions you need answered, topics you need to learn about, issues your firm is facing, vendors you need to visit and products you need to review.

Prepare an itinerary. Select which sessions and events you'd like to attend. You can track everything using the conference app or have details sent to your Outlook calendar.

Do some pre-event networking. Follow ILTA 2012 on Twitter (#ILTA2012), and take advantage of wikis and blog as they are developed.

Utilize ILTA resources. Browse through the content on this website, read the e-news sent to registered attendees starting in July and participate in scheduled webinars to get your questions answered ahead of time. Plan to attend one of the Communities of Interest and the Conference Orientation on Sunday afternoon of conference week. Use the conference app during the week and download session audio recordings after you leave.

Make contacts. Networking in person with peers is THE most valuable aspect of ILTA conferences - hearing case studies from peers and sharing experiences with peers and with vendors. Make valuable contacts that will last long after the conference ends.
Report back to your firm. Keep good notes and report back immediately upon your return to work. Focus on the points that show the value of attending the conference - things you learned, contacts you developed and ways you can make your workplace more productive.

Contact ILTA2012@iltanet.org if you have any questions.