Event Tickets

Your badge is your admission to meals and networking events at ILTA 2012. The barcode provides “proof” of your status to enter the events, and you’ll be scanned at the entrance to each. Individual printed drink tickets will be provided to attendees for the networking events. If you desire additional tickets to meals or social events (for your guest), those can be purchased.

The type of badge you are provided, based on your registration type, governs the meals/events that are included. Members with full event registration are eligible to enter all meals and social events except Wednesday evening. Other types of registration might include meals/events. If you have questions regarding your status, contact ILTA2012@iltanet.org.

Vendors/Consultants who wish to purchase event tickets must contact Peggy Wechsler.

Contact ILTA2012@iltanet.org if you have any questions.