Monday, August 27

Frans Johansson

ac2dc speak: Act, Collaborate to Drive Change
The Medici Effect: Groundbreaking Innovation at the Intersection of Disciplines and Cultures in Law Firms and Law Departments

The world of technology is changing faster than any other area of business. How can IT develop insights that will propel your firm or law department in the midst of all these changes? In this highly dynamic and energetic talk, Frans Johansson will apply the lessons from his international best-seller, "The Medici Effect," to vividly showcase how the best chance to innovate lies at the intersection of different fields, departments and industries. IT is connected throughout the organization and can leverage a wide array of knowledge and perspectives to develop new insights. IT can also dramatically increase collaboration across the enterprise in order to unleash both innovation and efficiency. Finally, the IT professional can super-charge their own creativity by drawing inspiration from completely separate fields. Understand why and what you can do about it. Frans will clearly and persuasively show what happens when legal and technology cultures collide and ignite an explosion of extraordinary new ideas and discoveries. See how technologists and attorneys can work together to create the perfect “intersection” of cultures.

Tuesday, August 28

Tom Koulopoulos
ac2dc speak: Allowing Creativity to Develop Collectively
Beyond Brainstorming: Planning for the Unknown in an Uncertain World

Ask any 10 people to describe how they collaborate to take on complex challenges and it's likely all 10 answers will somehow include the term "brainstorming." For the better part of the 20th century, brainstorming was a staple of meetings – from the backroom to the boardroom. So where did you learn to brainstorm? Like most people, you never did. It has just been an accepted part of how we come up with new ideas. But what if brainstorming is fundamentally flawed? What if the challenges we are facing today and in the future demand a much more rigorous approach one that will speed up collaboration and produce unimagined solutions, while eliminating the politics and time involved in brainstorming? In this special "roll up your sleeves" keynote, Tom will introduce you to a scenario-based approach for team collaboration that allows you to break down even the most complex challenges, quickly generate novel ideas, focus on the best ideas and select the ideas that have the right balance of risk and value. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, challenge your most basic assumptions about problem solving and walk away with an approach that will forever change the way you plan for the future.

Wednesday, August 29

Cheryl Cran 

ac2dc speak: Authentic Communication to Deepen Connections
Leading Change in a Fast-Paced, Technological and Multigenerational Workplace

2012 and beyond will prove to be times of innovation and will require high levels of contributions from leaders and their teams. Now is the time to focus on the future and move forward with an aligned focus on vision and results. Cheryl uses humor, interaction and movie clips to help you harness your inner abilities to manage change and personal leadership in a positive and proactive way. Attendees will leave with:
  • Further insight into how technology – and how different generations are using it – is transforming the way we work
  • A shifted perspective on how individuals can manage stress and time in an increasingly fast-paced work environment
  • A clear understanding of how each generation views and deals with change, and strategies to improve change responses and actions
  • Insight into personal change behaviors and tools to leverage the ability to adapt more quickly to ongoing change with a positive approach
  • Tools to manage change in a way that combines emotional intelligence with generation intelligence, connecting each person to the company’s vision and goals

Thursday, August 30

Don McMillan
ac2dc speak: Adding Comedy to Defeat Catastrophe
Lessons from the CCO (Chief Comedy Officer)

Researchers at Penn State University released a study entitled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bottom Line,” in which they concluded that “laughter is essential to a healthy and productive workplace.” They also concluded that the “humor style of a leader had a positive impact on BOTH unit and individual performance.” Don McMillan has spent nearly two decades making companies and their employees laugh. Along the way, he has also developed an acute understanding of how bringing a sense of humor to the workplace can be a vital managerial tool. In this session, Don will use real-world anecdotes to illustrate the ways in which bringing humor into your work life can benefit you, your division and your organization. He will also share tips to help you add humor to your personal managerial tool set.

About the Speakers:

Frans Johansson is the best-selling author of “The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts and Cultures.” Translated into 18 languages, “The Medici Effect” was named one of the top 10 business books by In his book and presentations, Fran clearly shows how the best ideas and innovations come from collaboration between people with diverse experiences, skills, expertise, perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. Simply stated, he is known for making the business case for diversity. Fran founded a Boston-based software company and a medical device company operating out of Baltimore, Maryland and Stockholm, Sweden. He has written articles on healthcare, information technology and the science of sport fishing and has been featured on CNN’s “AC360,” ABC’s “Early Morning Show” and CNBC’s “The Business of Innovation” series.

Tom Koulopoulos is the founder of Delphi Group, a 20-year-old Boston-based thought-leadership firm providing advice on leading-edge technologies to global 2000 organizations and the government. Named one of the industry’s most influential information management consultants by InformationWeek magazine, Tom is recognized as an authority on the implications of information technology on global organizations. His articles and market insights have appeared in national and international print and broadcast media, such as BusinessWeek, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Economist, CNBC, CNN and NPR. His numerous books include: “The Innovation Zone,” “Smartsourcing,” “Corporate Instinct,” “Smart Companies,” “Smart Tools,” “The X-economy” and “Living in the Cloud: The 21st Century Global Megatrend.” “Cloud Surfing: A New Way to Look at Risk, Innovation, Scale, and Success,” which provides unparalleled insight on the intersection of business and technology, will be out in May 2012.

Cheryl Cran’s consulting firm, Synthesis at Work, analyzes business trends that focus on leadership and communication strategies for increasing profits and productivity. Her research includes 15 years of audience-response surveys, generational focus groups and employee surveys. For 12 years, Cheryl worked as a top-performing leader for GE Capital, Mortgage Insurance Company and Bank of Montreal. Cheryl’s change management and business strategy ideas and articles have been featured in Forbes magazine, Metro New York, The Globe and Mail, Readers Digest, Selling Power magazine, Builder Woman magazine and The Financial Post. She has authored multiple books, is a monthly commentator on workplace issues on a Vancouver cable news program, and she frequently participates in radio and television interviews.Cheryl was named the President of International Federation of Professional Speakers for the 2012-2013 year.

Don McMillan began his career working for AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he helped design the world's first 32-bit microprocessor. He then spent six years with VLSI Technology as a computer chip designer. But after winning the 16th Annual San Francisco International Stand-Up Comedy Competition, Don turned in his chips for a microphone. He went on to become the $100,000 Grand Champion on "Star Search" in 1993. Don has also appeared on "The Tonight Show," "The Larry King Show," on HBO and in numerous other TV shows and commercials. Along the way, Don has never lost contact with his high-tech roots. Don utilizes his unique background to take a lighthearted look at computers, technology and life in the Information Age. Don currently has two big YouTube hits: “Life After Death by PowerPoint” and “Live from My Cubicle.”

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