Alternative Format Track (AFT)
ILTA is offering you more options — more ways to learn. At this year’s conference, you will be able to choose from among six new sessions that are nothing like traditional panel presentations. Each session has a unique format that has been selected to help you get the most out of the session. Curious? Here is a bit more information on the six alternative format sessions:

AFT1 Creating Process Maps: An Interactive Workshop
Experience a pragmatic, straightforward way of learning the basics of process maps. These maps are the foundation of any legal project management plan or business process improvement effort. Come learn what process maps are, how to create them and how to apply them to the work at your firm.

AFT2 Applications Roundtable: A New Way of Thinking
Managing the applications stack can be more than a full-time job. Bring your best advice and burning questions to share with others, so we can identify solutions that you can use. Our goal is to document these solutions and make them available to participants after the session.

AFT3 My Secret Weapon: Approaches and Tools To Help You Succeed
We asked eight technologists with different backgrounds and titles whether they have a “secret weapon” that allows them to accomplish more at the office. Hear about their secret weapons, and then talk with them to identify ways in which you might adapt these tools, tricks and approaches.

AFT4 The Insider's Guide to Negotiating Fees
You may soon be asked to help create an alternative fee arrangement proposal. Are you ready? Come experience an AFA negotiation and participate in the behind-the-scenes strategizing necessary to reach a result that is a win-win for the firm and the client.

AFT5 Forget the Wild Goose Chase ... Focus on High-Impact Projects
Discover a framework for differentiating between busy work, beneficial work and work that truly has a high impact on your firm. Each attendee will learn how to move their focus to high-impact projects.

AFT6 A LegalSEC Workshop: Security Design and Implementation Best Practices
Come compare security challenges and approaches with other technologists. The recommendations of this group will be folded into the new ILTA LegalSEC project that aims to develop best practices and an asset-protection framework for law firms.

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