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Session Materials

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ILTA 2012 Thumbdrive! If you lost your thumbdrive or had any trouble accessing files, you can download the full contents in the following ZIP file. Please note however that any newer versions of presentations will be posted below as we receive them from our speakers.


KEY1 - The Medici Effect: Groundbreaking Innovation at the Intersection of Disciplines and Cultures in Law Firms and Law Departments
KEY2 - Beyond Brainstorming: Planning for the Unknown in an Uncertain World - Presentation
KEY3 - Leading Change in a Fast-Paced, Technological and Multigenerational Workplace - Presentation
KEY4 - Lessons from the CCO (Chief Comedy Officer)


AFT2 - Applications Roundtable: A New Way of Thinking - Presentation

APP1 - Get a Grip on Application Overabundance
APP2 - iPads: 30 Apps in 60 Minutes - Presentation
APP3 - The Urgent Need for Workflow Technology - Presentation, Checklist
APP4 - Outsourcing: Sorting Through the Hype, Realities, Risks and Benefits - Presentation
APP5 - Everything You Need to Know About PDF, PDF/A and Validation - Presentation
APP6 - Lessons Learned from Pioneers in Enterprise VDI - Presentation
APP7 - IT: Putting the "Person" Back into Personalized Service
APP8 - M-Learning: Why and How All Learning Should Be Mobile - Presentation
APP9 - Desktop Globalization: We're Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto!
APP10 - SharePoint As a DMS: Happy I Did It or Never Again? - Presentation
APP11 - Ubiquitous Computing in the Post-PC Era - Presentation; Handout
APP12 - Office 2010 and Windows 7: Rollout Strategies for Happier Users - Presentation
APP13 - The Future of Data Delivery or: How I Learned to Stop Browsing and Love the App
APP14 - Metadata: Deal with It!! - Presentation
APP15 - Pushing the Limits of SharePoint As an LMS - Presentation

DASPG1 - The iPad As a Laptop Replacement? - Presentation
DASPG2 - Office 2010 ... Sans the Add-Ins - Presentation
DASPG3 - Desktop Videoconferencing Apps: Finally Ready for the Enterprise - Presentation
DASPG4 - The End of Training? - Presentation
DASPG5 - Office 2010 and Windows 7: One Year Later - Presentation

HAND1 - A Double-Session Workshop … And It’s Hands-On! Adobe Captivate: An Introduction - Handout
HAND2 - Build Your Own 2010 Ribbon  - A Hands-On Exercise - Presentation; Courseware Outline2010 Icons Gallery; 2007 Icons Gallery

THO4 - Should We Build an App for That?

USSPG1 - Water and Grow: Getting Your Helpdesk Staff to Bloom - Presentation; Session Notes
USSPG2 - The Art and Science of E-Learning - Presentation
USSPG3 - Redefining New Hire Training - Presentation, Handout
USSPG4 - Tools for Remote/Distance Learning - Presentation; Brochure
USSPG5 - Trainers As Change Managers (Training in the Trenches) - Presentation


ACT2 - Why IT Doesn't Matter and KM Matters Even Less to Clients: How To Align Services with Expectations - Presentation

AFT1 - Creating Process Maps: An Interactive Workshop
AFT3 - My Secret Weapon: Approaches and Tools To Help You Succeed - Presentation; Article

ECMPG1 - Tablets and Enterprise Content Management: The Tornado Strikes
ECMPG2 - Dashboards, Portals and SharePoint for ECM - Presentation
ECMPG3 - The New Wave of Email Management (Not the Same Old Fruitcake) - Presentation
ECMPG4 - Scan with a Plan: Digitizing Content for Your ECM System - Presentation
ECMPG5 - ECM Systems in the Cloud: Can They Really Work?
ECMPG6 - Putting the Enterprise Back into Search

HAND4 - OneNote for All Your Notes: A Hands-On Session - Presentation; Zip file of Training Materials
HAND5 - SharePoint Matter Pages: A Hands-On Exercise - Handout
HAND6 - Information Governance and Security Policies: Two Peas in a Pod - Presentation

INFO1 - Best Practices for Managing Document and Data Confidentiality Rules
INFO2 - Leveraging In-House Technology for Records and Information Management
INFO3 - Privacy Laws: How Encrypted Does Your Data REALLY Have To Be?
INFO4 - Agile Communication Helps You Through the BCP Storm - Presentation
INFO5 - You Have a LinkedIn Profile ... Now What?
INFO6 - Overcoming Irrationality: Improve Decision-Making and Client Service with Strategic Uses of Data 
INFO7 - Play-Doh, Legos and Law Firms
INFO8 - Social Media and KM: What Can Your Organization Learn from the U.S. Military and Intelligence Services?
INFO9 - Enterprise Search Analytics and Reporting - Presentation
INFO10 - Next-Generation Intranets
INFO11 - Ramifications of Commingling Personal and Professional Data
INFO12 - Outside Counsel Guidelines: Strategies for Better Management and Communication - Presentation

KMPG1 - Beyond Extranets! What Clients Really Want - Handout
KMPG2 - Social Networking in the Enterprise - Presentation
KMPG3 - Using Your DMS for Knowledge Management - Handout
KMPG4 - New Benefits and Unexpected Pitfalls of Enterprise Search - White & Case, Cassells Brock, Sutherland
KMPG5 - Data Warehouses, Dashboards and Data Integration: Delivering Actionable Business Intelligence
KMPG6 - AFAs + LPM + BPI = Opportunities for KM

PSPG1 - Give Your Experience Database a Power Boost - Presentation
PSPG2 - Electrify Your CRM/ERM: Tips from Six Gigawatt Generators - Presentation, Handout, Vendor Contacts, Speakers
PSPG3 - Using Analytical Tools To Control the Surge of Information - Presentation
PSPG4 - Supercharged Business Development
PSPG5 - LPM Tools for All Budgets - Presentation5 Steps, Budget Setting, Transactional Budget, Lessons Learned
PSPG6 - Jump-Start Your Project Management Skills - Presentation

RRMPG1 - Differentiate Your RFP from the Competition with ISO Certification - Presentation
RRMPG2 - Rules and Records: How IT Can Help Lawyers Maintain Professional Conduct Requirements - Presentation
RRMPG3 - The Untamed File-Share: A Case Study - Presentation
RRMPG4 - Believe It or Not ... You've Been Hacked - Presentation
RRMPG5 - Information Governance: The New Records Management - Presentation
RRMPG6 - Travelin’ Data: Managing Mobile Records - Presentation


MISC7 - Emerging Careers: Preparing Your Firm and Yourself for Tomorrow - Overview; Mindmap
SWART1 - What Leadership Means to Me
SWART2 - The “Secret” of Anywhere, Anytime Leadership


MISC1 - The Legal System Test Repository - Presentation
MISC3 - Large Firm Discussion Forum – Doing Less with More - Presentation


ACT1 - Why ROI Is a Bogus Measureof Technology Success and What Should Replace It - Presentation
ACT3 - Five Reasons Why Terms Like "Practice Support," "Knowledge Management" and "Financial Services" Miss the Point - Presentation
ACT4 - IT Metrics That Matter to Management - Presentation
ACT5 - Next-Generation AFAs
ACT6 - Integrate Data Points To Boost Productivity and Revenue - Presentation
ACT7 - The Lawyer's Role Is Changing. Are You Keeping Up?

ADE1 - The Evolution of AFAs: Best Practices, Project Management and Predictions - Presentation
ADE2 - Time Capture: Approaching an Age-Old Problem with New Refinements - Presentation

AFT4 - The Insider's Guide to Negotiating Fees - Case Study
AFT5 - Forget the Wild Goose Chase ... Focus on High-Impact Projects

AUT1 - Make the Move: Autonomy's Cloud for Information Management - Presentation
AUT2 - Going Mobile with WorkSite Mobility - Presentation

FMPG1 - Lessons Learned from Time and Billing System Implementations - Presentation
FMPG2 - Break the Barriers and Go Paperless
FMPG3 - Finance and IT: How To Build a Better Relationship - Session 1 Presentation; Session 2 Presentation
FMPG4 - AFA Proposals: What Do Clients Expect? - Presentation; 2002 ABA Report
FMPG5 - Best Practices in Tracking and Measuring Profitability - Presentation

HAND7 - E-Discovery Project Management: Hands-On Workflow Creation - Presentation 
HAND8 - PowerShell: A Hands-On Exercise - Introduction to Powershell; Exchange Administration w/Powershell

LDPG1 - Technology and Trends in Corporate Legal - Presentation
LDPG2 - Records Management and Retention in the Corporation - Presentation
LDPG3 - Law Department Members Only: Law Department Discussion Part I (E-Discovery Topics) - Oot LTN EDD Article, LCJ Booklet, CyberSecurity Booklet, Document Categorization Study; Denver Law Review Articles
LDPG4 - Budgets for Matters in the Law Department: Outside Counsel and AFAs - Presentation
LDPG5 - Matter Management Best Practices for the Corporate Legal Department - Presentation
LDPG6 - Law Department Members Only: Law Department Discussion Part II (General Topics)

LEX1 - Social CRM
LEX2 - Managing the Unmanageable in E-Discovery

LPSPG1 - Lawyers and E-Discovery: Driving Behavior Change - Presentation
LPSPG2 - Practice Support: A Risky Business - Presentation
LPSPG3 - Litigation Support: What in the World? - Presentation
LPSPG4 - The Future of Practice Support
LPSPG5 - Fixed Fees for E-Discovery - Presentation
LPSPG6 - The ESI Debate Is On! - Presentation

MIC1 - Embracing the Cloud: IT Opportunities and Challenges - Presentation
MIC2 - Streamlining the Case Management Lifecycle - Presentation

OPEN1 - Process Automation = Operational Excellence - Presentation
OPEN2 - Effective Information Governance Programs: Why Balance Matters

ORG1 - Career2020: Take Control of Your Destiny - Presentation
ORG2 - Customer Service: What We Can Learn from Other Industries - Presentation
ORG3 - Networking 2020: Advanced Networking Inside and Outside Your Organization - Presentation
ORG4 - Amplify Your Project Team by Utilizing Their Strengths - Presentation
ORG5 - Client-Oriented Document Review - Presentation
ORG6 - Collaborative Management of Legal Project Management - Presentation, Sutherland Journey, 10 Things
ORG7 - How To Manage E-Discovery Without a Litigation Support Department - Handout
ORG8 - We Have a Fee Structure ... Is the Price Right? - Presentation
ORG9 - Discovery Management Strategies: What's Your Next Move? - Presentation

SV7 - What’s New, Microsoft?  - Presentation

THO1 - Legal Data and the Language of Lawyers
THO2 - Matter Centricity and the Impact on Lawyer Efficiency
THO3 - An Industry Update for Technology Leaders


AFT6 - A LegalSEC Workshop: Security Design and Implementation Best Practices - Presentation

CTPG1 - An Apple a Day: Benefits of Apple in the Enterprise
CTPG2 - Why Mobile Users Are Going to the Cloud
CTPG3 - Mobile Access to Your DMS
CTPG4 - Attorneys Unplugged: Building a Mobile Office
CTPG5 - The Mobile OS Platform Roundup
CTPG6 - The Virtual Desktop As a Mobile Solution: Is the Mobile Desktop Ready?

ETPG1 - A Winning Future with Windows 8 - Presentation
ETPG2 - Wild Wireless: What's New and Different? - Presentation
ETPG3 - Smart Firewalls of Today and Tomorrow
ETPG4 - What's New in Rack Technology?
ETPG5 - No More FUD Around BYOD
ETPG6 - A Look at Emerging Technologies

HAND3 - Going Virtual with Citrix XenDesktop VDI (Hands-On) - Presentation

SOSPG1 - To Protect and Server: Backing Up Virtualized Data - Presentation
SOSPG2 - Strategic Disaster Recovery with Exchange 2010 - Presentation
SOSPG3 - Data Center vs. Colocation - Presentation
SOSPG4 - IPv6 (the Sequel): Deployment Strategies - Presentation
SOSPG5 - Under Attack: Securing Your Firm Against Advanced Threats

TECH1 - ITIL Best Practices for Technology Operations - Presentation
TECH2 - A Business Case for Lync 2010 Unified Communications - Presentation
TECH3 - The Evolution of Authentication: Moving Beyond Tokens - Presentation
TECH4 - Next-Generation Server Monitoring with Microsoft System Center 2012 - Presentation
TECH5 - A Preparatory Guide to BYOD - Presentation
TECH6 - Expand Your Infrastucture with the Elastic Cloud - Presentation
TECH7 - An Email Archiving Nightmare: There Is No Magic Fairy Dust - Presentation
TECH8 - It's All About the SAN - Presentation - Presentation
TECH9 - Top Technology Issues for Law Firm CIOs in 2012
TECH10 - Reining in Telecom Expenses - Presentation
TECH11 - ISO 27001/27002: What Can They Do for Me? - Presentation

Sessions in the Strategic Vendor (SV) and Solution Spotlight (SPOT) tracks have no handouts or recordings.

ILTA TV Live Recordings

Monday, August 27th
The Evolution of AFAs: Best Practices, Project Management and Predictions
AFA Proposals: What Do Clients Expect?
Matter Centricity and the Impact on Lawyer Efficiency 
Why IT Doesn't Matter and KM Matters Even Less 
IT Metrics That Matter to Management
Forget the Wild Goose Chase ... Focus on High-Impact Projects
Tablets and Enterprise Content Management: The Tornado Strikes
Adapting to Change: Supporting Changes to the Firm's Business Model
The Lawyer's Role Is Changing. Are You Keeping Up?
Top Technology Issues for Law Firm CIOs in 2012

Tuesday, August 28th
Consumerization of IT and the Mixing of Personal and Professional Systems and Data
Inside the JAG
Beyond Extranets! What Clients Really Want
What's New with Autonomy/HP and Why Should We Care?
The New Wave of Email Management (Not the Same Old Fruitcake)
Dashboards, Portals and SharePoint for ECM
Can Technology Boost the Adoption of LPM?
SharePoint As a DMS: Happy I Did It or Never Again?
Using Your DMS for Knowledge Management
Fresh Approach to Legal Enterprise Search
The Effect of Cloud/SaaS and Web 2.0 on Lawyer Expectations

Wednesday, August 29th
Keynote Interview with Cheryl Cran
What's New OpenText?
The iPad As a Laptop Replacement?
Keynote Interview with Tom Koulopoulos
The End of Training?
Why Should We Care About Windows 8?
Attorneys Unplugged: Building a Mobile Office
Will Lawyers Like Lync 2010 Unified Communications?
Is It Time To Move Your DMS to the Cloud?
Mobile Access to Your DMS
KM and CIOs

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